This year’s conference is the fruit of a collective effort. It has been organised by the teams of Fédération des Réserves Naturelles Catalanes (FRNC), our host and the EUROPARC Federation with the support of the LIFE Natur’Adapt consortium and received the financial support of French governing bodies and the European institutions.

La Massane NNR – Photo D. Sorel


About Fédération des Réserves Naturelles Catalanes (FRNC)

The Federation of Catalan Nature Reserves (FRNC) is a unique organisation. Mandated by the French State, it co-manages 9 nature reserves in partnership with local managers. This co-management, unusual in France, encourages a diversity of perspectives, favouring experimentation and the emergence of innovative and efficient nature conservation solutions. www.reserves-naturelles-catalanes.org

About the EUROPARC Federation

The EUROPARC Federation is the largest European network of Protected Areas with more than 400 members from 40 countries. Our members are directly or indirectly managing thousands of National and Regional Parks, Marine Protected Areas and Natura 2000 sites. We are working on different levels to improve the management of Protected Areas in Europe for the benefit of nature and people.

About LIFE Natur’Adapt

LIFE Natur’Adapt project [LIFE17 CCA/FR/000089 LIFE #CC #Naturadapt] is a collective learning process on climate change adaptation in Protected Areas. In Europe, Réserves Naturelles de France, EUROPARC and eight partners have come together in this LIFE Climate Action project to transform this challenge into an opportunity for innovation.

Participants will benefit from the learnings of this 5-year LIFE project which worked on integrating climate change into Protected Areas management practices while laying the foundations of a dynamic collective learning process.

About the financing partners

The EUROPARC conference 2022 in France has been made possible by the financial support of: