SAVE THE DATE – 7 November 2024 – EUROPARC e-Forum

Effective Management; Better Parks
Moving forward together




We believe in the Power of Protected Areas. 

The power of Protected Areas goes beyond nature conservation: from sustainable regional development, to public health benefits and education, they are essential actors for a better, greener future. 

Protected Areas are cornerstones in (international) nature policies and legislation including the Global Biodiversity Framework, the Bern Convention, the EU Nature Directives and the EU Nature Restoration Law. Furthermore, they are recognised as vital means of implementing the EU Biodiversity Strategy and delivering the European Green Deal. There is though  one important caveat: they need to be effectively managed. 

So, how can we ensure Effective Management for Better Parks? This first-ever edition of the EUROPARC e-Forum will explore what is needed to ensure that Europe’s Parks and Protected Areas can realise their power and fulfil their maximum potential, so we can move forward together to a resilient nature and a sustainable economy. 


About the e-Forum

EUROPARC is founded on principles of cooperation, inclusivity and sustainability, not only to achieve excellence for the management of Protected Areas, but in ways that create enjoyable, inspiring, learning exchange experiences.

We have therefore created a new biennial e-Forum. Building on the best features of our face-to-face Conference, the e-Forum is an easily accessible online participatory, networking space.

During the event, we will make use of fun tools and of course provide participants with plenty of opportunities to connect, collaborate and learn from peers across Europe. 

EUROPARC will launch the full programme for the e-Forum in September. It will take a ‘big picture view’ of Management Effectiveness and look at planning, governance and decision-making, capacity building and communication. By bringing together experts and experiences from across the EUROPARC network, we will ensure an interactive and thought-provoking digital event that will provide you with inspiration and tools to take your work to the next level. 

What to Expect:

🔹 Expert Keynote Speakers: Gain insights and inspiration from leading experts. By looking at different elements of Management Effectiveness, our keynote speakers will lay the foundation for our e-Forum discussions.

🔹 Interactive Workshops: EUROPARC will organise four ‘Discussion Hubs’. Here, participants will be able to select an interactive session with plenty of opportunities to exchange and learn together. By working together with your peers, you will discover practical tools and techniques to improve the Effectiveness of your Protected Area. 

🔹 Case Studies: During our “Speakers’ Corner” session, participants can learn from successful, practical case studies of Management Effectiveness in diverse European Protected Areas. Do you have an interesting case study to share? We’d love to hear from you! When registering, you can indicate if you’d like to present your work during the Speakers’ Corner. There will be four channels, each with an overarching topic: 

  • Successful management planning: from Conservation Objectives to enforcement of decisions.
  • Innovative solutions to monitor progresses and drive decisions.
  • Are we doing well? Tools and methods to assess Management Effectiveness in Protected Areas:
  • Tools and initiatives to improve communication between silos.

Of course, it would not be a EUROPARC event without ample opportunities to network. During the e-Forum, you will be able to connect with your peers, fellow experts from across Europe and beyond. 


As always, we have arranged a special fee structure for our members and non-members.

Members will be charged 50 Euros, while non-members will be charged 80 Euros.

Ready to join the largest network of Protected Areas? Then become a EUROPARC member now to enjoy exclusive benefits.

For now, watch this space and save the date – 7 November 2024!

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