EUROPARC Conference Programme.

Let’s get inspired and learn together!


09:00h Room opens to delegates. Say hello to friends old and new… check your techs!!
09:30h Introduction to the EUROPARC Conference 2021.
Let’s meet and greet and put ourselves in the Spotlight! Welcome from the President of the EUROPARC Federation.
09:40h Some thought provoking words from our Keynote Speakers.
Remember if you have any comments or questions – pop them in the chat.
Ladislav Miko – Head of EU Representation in Slovakia.
Will the spotlight on Parks, since COVID-19, of public opinion, political “will” and policy framework attract the investment needed to realise the potential Parks have to underpin the big societal concerns?
George Holmes – Associate Professor of Conservation and Society at the School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds, UK.
Views, values, and visions from Europe’s Parks and Protected Areas.
Frans Schepers – Co-founder and Managing Director of Rewilding Europe.
Do we need wilder Parks in Europe?
10:50h What do you think?
Ask questions to our speakers or comment on why Parks are Under the Spotlight right now and what our response should be.
11:00h Short break
11:15h Parallel workshops.**
A time to discuss, debate and imagine new ideas and solutions for our common agenda.
Enjoy connecting with your colleagues and participating in the conversations.
12:45h Pause for thought and find out what will be happening tomorrow.
13:00h End of the day.

*For more information visit the Keynote Speakers.

** For more information visit the Workshops.

Let’s gather again and exchange!


09:00h Room opens to delegates.
09:30h Welcome back!
Check in with each other and our themes for today.
09:45h Parallel workshops.
Time for your second choice of topic to get your “teeth” into. Enjoy the brainstorming, gain some fresh insights!
11:15h Short break
11:30h Speakers Corner: Parks and Protected Areas under the spotlight.**
A “marketplace” of ideas from Parks and projects across Europe. 
12:30h What have we learned? Concluding Reflections – Michael Hosek.
We have debated, discussed and delivered new ideas, thinking and approaches, so how can we address the political, societal and environmental challenges of today, to plan and prepare for a better future?
12:40h So, where to next…………..
13:30h End of the day

*For more information visit the Workshops.

*For more information visit the Speakers Corner.