Climate Change, Resilient Parks

Whether you want to learn, contribute or meet people, this conference is for you. In a mix of inspiring talks, participative sessions, workshops and field trips, you will have a chance to dig into how climate change can be integrated in Protected Area management practice. It will also be an opportunity to discover the specificities of this wonderful region and to socialise with your peers from all over Europe.

Conference Programme overview

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Travel, registrations and check-in

This morning is allocated for participants to arrive to the conference venue. Once there, take your time to register and check-in to your room.

Afternoon & evening
Meet and greet

During the afternoon you will have time to say hello to friends, old and new. A cold buffet will be open to participants in the evening.

Possible side meetings

If you are interested in organising a meeting with any of your peers, this would be the right time to do it. Rooms will be offered to conference participants upon request – please contact

EUROPARC Federation General Assembly

This first morning will be dedicated to the General Assembly of the EUROPARC Federation. Registrations to the General Assembly will be organised separately and members will be contacted by email in August.

Lunch will be served at the conference venue

Climate Change, Resilient Parks: conference start

We will start by deepening our understanding of what is climate change and how it affects parks. Through a blend of sessions and keynote presentations, we will dive into the latest research on the topic, our own representations of climate change and question the meaning of nature conservation in the Anthropocene.

Official opening ceremony – dialogues from the sofa

Together with our host, Federation des Réserves Catalanes, we will welcome representatives of the French authorities  to formally open the conference and discuss the role of nature conservation and Protected Areas in local climate change adaptation.

Walking dinner

Meeting colleagues and friends is of the essence and for that purpose, we will offer a walking dinner at the conference venue.

How to adapt to climate change in Protected Areas ?

Learning from the field

Discover innovative solutions and practices developed by Protected Areas for climate adaptation and mitigation. About 20 “Field Stations” from across Europe will showcase their work. As part of a small group, you will be able to go from one station to the other, meet the “experts” and ask the questions that matter to you.

Details about field stations will be communicated in advance.


Plan for change: a methodology for adaptation.

How can we improve and better integrate climate adaptation planning in Protected Areas? An interesting and innovative methodology has been developed and tested over the last 4 years by the partners of the LIFE Natur’Adapt project. Get inspired by some of the core project outputs.

Lunch will be served at the conference venue


Participatory workshops

Working together with colleagues from across Europe is at the heart of the EUROPARC conference. Multiple thematic workshops will allow you to explore and discuss in more details the opportunities, experiences and challenges of climate adaptation in Protected Areas. Make your choice.

#1 Building capacities to manage climate change
#2 Deep dive in climate change adaptation methods and tools.
#3 Climate change, finance and partnership opportunities?
#4 Protected Areas laboratories for climate learning and action.
#5 Breaking the ice – how should we talk about climate change adaptation?
#6 Climate knows no borders.
#7 Changing climate, changing agriculture.
#8 Engaging stakeholders in marine conservation. Is there a climate change opportunity?
#9 Integrating climate action and biodiversity conservation at a regional level.
#10 What happens to Ice, happens to Us?
#11 Carbon neutral sustainable destinations. The only way to go?
#12 Connecting people & landscapes in a time of climate change

Takeaways of the conference

After 2 days of exchanges, learnings and intense debate, we will reflect on the key takeaways for our community.
This session will be followed by the award ceremony for the Transboundary Parks and we will announce the winners of the Alfred Toepfer Scholarship 2022.

Gala dinner in Mas Conte

In the warm evening of Roussillon, the typically Catalan Mas Conte will seduce you with its charm and its character. You will have a chance to taste the local gastronomy in this place of peace and quiet.

All day
Field trips

It wouldn’t be a EUROPARC Conference without field trips! Great opportunities to discover the Protected Areas of the region, to learn from the field and enjoy time with colleagues and friends. Make your choice among the 10 beautiful visits we selected for you.
#1 Management of the dunes along the Mediterranean coast
#2 Old-growth forest and climate change
#3 Conversion of an industrial site, a former dynamite factory
#4 Exploration a marine reserve by sea kayak.
#5 Understanding the Emporda landscape and cultural heritage
#6 Observation of coastal dynamics in the face of climate change
#7 Restoration and conservation of open Mediterranean environments
#8 Protecting rocky cliffs coastal habitats in a context of climate change
#9 Pastoral practices and biodiversity conservation
#10 Discovery of an underwater trail in a marine reserve.

A cultural night in French Catalunya

With Chateau de Valmy and the Mediterranean sea as a backdrop and to conclude the conference on a high, our host has prepared a not-to-be-missed evening of cultural discovery, wine tasting, music and dancing. Fun is on the cards. If you are into dancing, bear with us, the dancing party will round off our Friday evening.

All day
Travel day

The time to depart has arrived. Please check-out your room before 11:00h and enjoy a safe travel back home, or enjoy the weekend in the area 🙂